Stuart Arthur Clausen

Stuart was born on March 1, 1921. He served on HMNZS and HMS Gambia during WWII from 1943 to 1946 as Petty Officer Telegraphist and photographer. His daughter, Ann Hunt helped him write Towards Victory - A Pictorial History of the Gambia which was published in 1993. Stuart passed away peacefully at the age of 95 on September 30, 2016.

Stuart Arthur Clausen in April 2015

Stuart Arthur Clausen in April 2015 at the Olive Tree Complex Retirement Home

Another daughter, Joy Jacobsen emailed me in October 2017 and said that:

He did want to go to Pearl Harbour to visit the SS Missouri. At the end of the tour the guide asked Dad if he would like to visit the radio room. He said that the one on the Gambia was just under the bridge and much smaller. The noise at times was deafening especially when there were kamikaze pilots in the air. The days before the signing there were streams of prisoners of war who were given cots and were checked for illness and given access to send 2 telegrams home saying they were alive and heading home. Dad said it was very hot those days and they ate, slept and Morse-coded telegrams hour after hour. That night there was a typhoon and it was very muggy. The Captain asked to leave the harbour. Orders were to put down the anchors, and start engines at 15 knots to keep the ship upright. Dad also said after the signing a kamikaze plane aimed at HMNZS Gambia. Orders were given by higher ups to shoot it.

Stuart in 1944 Stuart in 2013, on his 92nd birthday Stuart in 2013, on his 92nd birthday

Stuart around 1944 when he went to Birmingham to meet future inlaws. Stuart at his 92nd birthday party in 2013
The photos were very kindly sent by his daughter, Joy Jacobsen

Towards Victory coverThis is a scan of my copy of Stuart's book. It's well worth getting if you can find a copy of it.