Crew Notes: L - M

This page is about the crew members I do not yet have enough information to create their own page.

Derek Fred William Lane

Derek Lane was an Engineroom Artificer on HMS Gambia. He died on August 19, 1953 and is buried at Kalkara Naval Cemetery on Malta.

W. N. Lattimer

"The Taranakian", the year book of the New Plymouth Boys' High School, New Zealand, of December 1944, reports that "Signalman W. N. Lattimer is on HMS Gambia. His brother, Dick, is a Lieutenant in the Indian Army."

John Alexander Le Sueur

John was a member of the South African Training Ship General Botha Old Boys Association where this information comes from:

September 29, 1939 he joined Royal Navy as Midshipman. Served on HMAMC Carnovan Castle, Eperance Bay, HMS Liverpool, HMS Valient, HMS Duneden, HMS Cloudburst, HMS Gambia. In 9143 he was serving on HMS Gambia as a Sub Lieutenant. In 1945 he transferred to South African Naval Forces but seconded to Royal Navy. Promoted to Lieutenant.

Shore establihsments: Grenwich College, Chatham, English Ports Trincomalee, Alexandra. Theatres in Med E.A. Fleet. Convoy duties W. Africa. Home Fleet Scapa Flow. North Atlantic convoys. Indian Ocean. Released from service 1946.

Joined S.A.P. (South African Police?) in 1958. John passed away on October 10, 2000.

Ian MacDonald

Ian's daughter Marie, wrote on the RNZN Communicators website that her father Ian MacDonald, an Able Seaman (Radar) was aboard HMS Gambia from September 27, 1945 to December 7, 1945. He was at Philomel December 8, 1945 until his discharge on June 12, 1946.

Kenyon G. Mansfield

Kenyon P/JX 292315 served on the 1958 - 1960 commission as Chief Radio Supervisor. He served in the Royal Navy from 1942 – 1975 on a diversity of ships: HMS St George – HMS Onslaught – HMS Scylla – HMS Fowey – HMS Pepys – HMS Amethyst -HMS Venerable – HMS Implacable – HMS Fierce – HMS Vanguard – HMS Newfoundland – HMS Ceylon – HMS Kenya – HMS Gambia – HMS Birmingham – HMS Burmuda – HMS Mercury – Staff CRS to Nottingham RNR. He was a member of the Norwich Branch of the Royal Naval Association, where this information was obtained. Kenyon passed away on August 9, 2017 aged 92.

L. V. M. Martin

L. V. M. Martin served on HMS Gambia under Captain Sir Peter William Gretton, which would have been 1952 - 1954. I do not know his rank. He wrote the article "A Backward Glance to Late Boyhood" about the training of boys in the Royal Navy, in the October 1987 issue of The Naval Reivew.

Ron McCallum

Ron was a Royal Marine on the 1955/56 commission. He was a bandsman and played the trombone. Ron passed away on May 14, 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. He and Bill Hartland were together at the Royal Marines School of Music in 1952

Gilbert McCulloch

Gilbert McCulloch, C/JX130902, was a Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist on HMS Gambia in 1943. The Admiralty Fleet Orders for June 10, 1943 lists him as being Mentioned in Despatches.

Robert James McNeil

After the Navy in 1950 Robert trained as a Schoolteacher. He gained advanced research degrees; MA London, BPhil Liverpool, and MBA City.

Charlie Mearns

Charlie served twice on HMS Gambia. The first time was as a Boy/Ordinary Telegraphist for the 1950 to 1952 commission and later as a Petty Officer Telegraphist on the 1957 to 1958 commission. He passed away on August 29, 2004.

Thomas Mulligan

Thomas serrved as Mechanician 1st Class (E) on HMS Gambia for the 1958/60 commission. He passed away in late October 2011. His funeral was on November 1, 2011. John Andrews wrote in the original HMS Gambia website guestbook on November 5, 2011:

I wish to thank those of our members who managed the journey to Hattersley on Tuesday last to attend Tommy Mulligan's funeral. Tony Hockenhull paraded the Standard with his usual dignity and bearing. Geoff and Viv Stevens, Rene Casbolt and Michael Flanagan, Kath Hockenhull and myself were joined by John Armitage's son Peter which was a good turn out. After the funeral Tony presented Tommy's wife Margaret with the ship's pennant and Phil, (Tommy's carer) provided a tot of Pusser's for us each to toast Tommy. When we left the family and friends thanked us for attending and gave us a big round of applause.